• Reigned in a chaotic and directionless design process and worked hand in hand with the vendor-side leadership, Visual Design and production team to crush the existing design debt and solve a number of niggling UX issues inherent to the existing design direction.
  • Quickly built out a design overhaul plan, including a detailed design concept schedule for expedited sign-off from my leadership.
  • Established clear goals and requirements that all the stakeholders agreed upon as prerequisites for sign-off and built a coalition to forge a path toward a successful launch.
  • Fast-tracked a series of “Hero Screens” to efficiently encapsulate the common 90% of design elements, look and feel, and interaction paradigms and iterated on them extensively in order to gain consensus among the stakeholders and efficiently achieve full UX sign-off in a incredibly short time period.
  • In the case where interaction was to be demonstrated, I built tailored, interactive clickable prototypes in Invision to demonstrate functionality to stakeholders in a much more realistic fashion than static screens.
  • Expanded on those Hero Screens to build out a complete set of UX comps encapsulating nearly all the permutations of functionality within the app itself.
  • Managed an internal production team to translate iOS designs I created for project sign-off into Android; altering interactions and visual stylings to conform more closely to Material Design guidelines and lend a “native” feeling to the android client.
  • Orchestrated UX comp, styleguide, and asset delivery to vendor development team and worked with their design team on documentation and development grooming. Assisted in QA testing and UX assessments with vendor teams pre- and post-launch.
Login Flow

Showing the First Run experience and automated login process. Disabling your WiFi for login was an unfortunate requirement for login in order to allow for the backend systems to properly verify your account association.

NameID In-app

This series shows examples of of how the app handles surfacing the call disposition (fancy term for whether the backend allows, blocks, or sends a call to voicemail) as well as user facing messaging to notify you if NameID has blocked a call or routed a call to your voicemail. Additionally, personal block lists and the free trial upsell messaging is depicted.